Yingkou kewei automobile maintenance equipment S&T co., LTD. Is located in yingkou city Laobian region steel industrial park, covers an area of ten thousand square meters. Is a specialization, standardization, to garage products research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the high-tech industry. We have 10 years experiences in this field. According to the user's needs, the batch in the production of various types of machines. Companies around the quality of the products to develop a set of management mechanism, the implementation of modern management.Has a group of professional talents with rich practical experience, market-oriented, based on quality, development by innovation based on nature, importune fine development train of thought, pioneering and innovative, high quality.    MORE+      
  • KV-720
  • KV-730
  • KV-760
  • KV-850
  • KV-833
  • KV-822

Address: 5# Shangbo load,Steel industry Laobian district, Yingkou city, liaoning province,China      Tel:0417-3253766           Fax:0417-3253755          Email: [email protected]

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